Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Tennis

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Tennis requires concentration and endurance, but it’s also a lot of fun. Are you looking for a great way to get better on the court this summer? Well, we have just the thing that will help!

Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

That’s not all, though! You can also improve your balance, agility, coordination and reaction time.

Strong Heart, Muscles and Bones

Playing any form of athletics is generally good for your health, but tennis takes the cake – compared to other sports, those who play tennis have the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Live Longer

If you just play tennis for three hours per week, your risk of heart disease drops a staggering 56%.

Get Fit!

Playing tennis is a great way to burn calories and lose some weight – one hour of play equals anywhere between 580-870 calories burned.

Problem Solving

Remember when it seemed like you’d never use geometry and physics in real life? Well, this is the opportunity to do so since tennis is a sport based on angles.

Brain Power

According to a study, kids who play tennis regularly get better grades thanks to the enhancement in the neutral connections in your brain.

Stress Reducer

Tennis allows your capacity to deal with stress to increase since it includes mental, physical, emotional and social challenges.

Improved Social Skills

According to another study, tennis outperforms all other sports with regard to developing positive personality characteristics.

Family and Friends

There are usually tennis courts all over the place, you don’t need a lot of equipment and it’s an activity the whole family to participate.

Develop Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Through team play, league play and doubles play, tennis develops a player’s ability to communicate and work together.

So, what are you waiting for?! If you haven’t tried tennis yet, now is the perfect time to try, and we’d love to help you to continue improving your skills at camp!

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